While exploring the Eco Aluminum Pallets website, you’ll learn about many of the detrimental effects that the common wooden and plastic pallets have on people and our planet. Here at Eco, we’re doing what we can to help our environment, and the many businesses and corporations that created our great country. By manufacturing quality, safe, environmentally-friendly pallets, we hope to lessen on-the-job injuries, product recalls, disease and illness, and the impact both wooden and plastic pallets have on our forests and atmosphere.

 aluminum palletsOUR WORLD. YOUR SUPPORT.

Together let’s make a difference. Our simple phrase “Our World. Your Support” that we put on each of our pallets is our commitment and belief that we can together bring about positive change to the pallet industry. Our hope is that by making better, safer and stronger pallets than our competitors, we can reverse the harmful effects of wooden and plastic pallets. With your help in making Eco Aluminum Pallets your shipping choice we can together become a positive influence in the effort to provide a lasting, safe and green solution to moving your products.

ECO PACT - Premium aluminum pallets manufacturer

An Eco PACT Company

Eco PACT is the parent company of Eco Aluminum Pallets, Eco Container Systems and Eco Tracking. Eco PACT manufactures solution driven sustainable products for the automotive, packaging, storage, shipping, distribution and manufacturing industries. Eco Aluminum Pallets and Eco Container Systems are designed for strength, longevity, safety, product protection and substantial savings with remarkable ROI’s. We offer a limited 1-year warranty on our pallets with the option to buy an extended warranty. We custom manufacture pallets and containers to meet your specific specifications. Our tracking solutions are truly unique and include state-of-the-art Bluetooth tracking.

Eco PACT products are 100% recyclable and repairable. Eco Container Systems attach seamlessly to an Eco Aluminum Pallet. In a matter of seconds, the container system can assemble or fully collapse for storage and future use. Eco Aluminum Pallets are premium quality CUSTOM BUILT aluminum pallets that are helping companies turn their pallet liability costs into Assets.


To learn more about Eco PACT visit www.ecopact.com